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We asked Eunice Kindred how she is able to manage work while still investing quality time in her girls and the activities they partake in? “There are challenges to managing work and family time, but a few things that work for me is: 1) Make it happen. Tennis, gymnastics, swimming, ballet, regular play dates? All in a weekly schedule for the girls – I’m scouring the Internet for classes, events, experiences to take the girls to. 2) Sometimes you don’t have to be there. My husband and  I work full time. I also juggle teaching and sometimes djing so fortunately, we have an absolutely amazing nanny who is game to taking the girls to their weekday classes ANYWHERE.  3) don’t sweat the small stuff. Daily routines are important but if one night I want them to hang out a little later with me, or we ditch intended morning errands to just snuggle in bed and watch paw patrol, then by all means, embrace those moments to maximize those connections we can make with them. To read the full spotlight and  for more #SpotlightSundays, follow us on


We asked Jairo Abreu, a fellow Brooklynite, to share the perfect Brooklyn itinerary for a fun-filled day with baby in tow and he said, “Brooklyn is an amazing borough. Because it has so many great places, from Coney Island to Brooklyn Bridge Park to Prospect Park to Dumbo, you can find fun and amazing activities that will suit just about anyone. Now that I am a father, the fun doesn’t have to stop. I take advantage of the amazing features of the borough to have fun with my little one. A perfect day would be having breakfast at one of the many great restaurants in Park Slope, afterwards stroll on over to Prospect Park and burn off some calories pushing the baby at the swings in the kiddie playground. From there, I would do some indoor rock-climbing at the very family-friendly, Brooklyn Boulders in Gowanus, followed by replenishing the calories burned with some refreshing beers at Other Half Brewing. To read the full spotlight and  for more #SpotlightSundays, follow us on


We asked Natalie Rios  how her daughter has influenced her vision for little Lola. “I have always been an entrepreneur at heart and after becoming a mom, I knew that whatever job I focused my energy on had to be something that was fulfilling me, similar to my role as a mother… little Lola was born out of that, the desire to share my journey. I believe parenting doesn’t have to change who you are, and while you have to implement lifestyle changes, your true essence can simply be a medium by which you raise your child. I try to expose my daughter to new things on an everyday basis and I’ve realized that whether it be something local or taking a trip across the globe, experience is everything, it shapes who you are and who you’ll become. My wish is to bring about a concept that parents can identify with… One that bridges cultural exposure with both parent and child’s individuality. Little Lola is more than a job to me, little Lola is parenting.” For more #SpotlightSundays, follow us on